Children’s Libraries

Forming and running libraries - A library is a critical resource for development of a language, which is a basis for education. It also facilitates development of learning capacities in a joyful way. However, there is a dearth of children’s books, except in metro and larger cities. School libraries are often dysfunctional or non-existent. Unnati ISEC experienced that there is universal ignorance amongst the society and school community regarding the richness of children’s literature and its role in the development of childhood and a human being. We endeavour to spread the reading culture through libraries and take libraries within the reach of children through a school programme.

People of Unnati ISEC also have knowledge of good publishers of India and Maharashtra. We also know the good books published by them for children. Having this a robust experience and knowledge, we are endeavouring for promotion of school libraries and connect it with reading promotion amongst children.

  • We are running a library programme in one tribal village and in two of our classes.
  • Unnati ISEC is providing support to other civil Society Organisations in developing libraries for government schools. Recently, we did a rigorous exercise of setting up of school library and activity centres for 6 Zilla Parishad Schools from Parbhani district.
  • We have a reference library for teachers. Teachers from 6 Zilla Parishad schools borrow the books from this reference library.
  • Key persons of Unnati ISEC have received intensive and rigorous training on “libraries for children”.
  • We are starting a pilot project with a Mumbai school for developing a scalable library programme for schools.