Creating teaching learning resources

Unnati ISEC’s teaching learning resources are tailored to assist the Kokru community children’s literacy and learning. The TLRs also aid teachers in implementing and assessing their teaching strategies and also in continuous assessment of children’s learning. The TLRs are rooted in children’s socio-cultural context and endeavours to usher children to the joy and comfort of learning. They are designed and produced to achieve the objective and pedagogy of language literacy based on MTB-MLE.

Certainly the textbook has an important place in child’s educational life, it often is the only reading resource available in villages. But Unnati ISEC also understands the need for plurality of text material in tribal children’s mother-tongue, as the culture, values, worldview and living patterns of the tribal community significantly differ from those of the communities living in plains.

Our efforts are two-fold:

  • Creating Teaching Learning Material for instructional purpose
    • Flashcards of names with complete word or letters of these words are developed for all children, which is used as for development of reading skills.
    • Nagari letters, letters with vowel signs.
    • Words cards
    • Picture-word cards
    • Sentence strips
    • Letter, word and sentence practice worksheets
    • Korku vocabulary: Theme based word cards, such as, Human body parts, domestic and wild animals, words having vowel signs, common objects in the classroom etc.

    Various activities and games built around the TLM help to make joyful the process of teaching and learning.

  • Creating textbook and other text material in Korku language

    The following material has been developed and used for learning in the classrooms:

    • Khushite Ithuba (a pictorial glossary cum practice book for children in Korku, which can also be used by parents, teachers or anyone who is interested in learning Korku language)
    • Khushite Shirinje (a pocket book of songs for children in Korku and Marathi)
    • Ghatak pustika 1 & 2 - A book of reading pedagogy for children (this is for internal circulation and not available for wider circulation as yet).
    • Textbook in Korku (this is in process)