Volunteering, internship and Employee engagement programme offered by Unnati ISEC


Volunteering, internships and engagement of employees will be offered at Unnati ISEC’s tribal field area in Maharashtra – specifically in the Melghat region (Akola district) and Shahapur block (Thane district).

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Opportunities with Unnati ISEC for volunteering, internships and employee engagement:

Volunteering at Unnati ISEC empowers people to bring in a change in the lives of under-served children and also in turn makes an impact in their own lives by seeing the smiles they manage to draw across the faces of these children. We have some opportunities if you are interested in volunteering with us and contributing your time by participating in our programs.

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Please inform us about your interest in volunteering by filling out the below form and send it to unnati.isec@gmail.com with a subject – “Interested in volunteering”

Preferred days, hours and time slot to volunteering will be mutually decided.

Arrangements of lodging and food:

Unnati ISEC will make the homely arrangements available in the village, the cost of which will be borne by the volunteers.

What will the volunteer / intern / employee achieve?

Costs and expenses:

The costs include: