Korku language learning course

One of our conditions for effective implementation of the MTB-MLE approach in school education is that the teachers must understand and speak children’s language functionally. However, we learnt that learning Korku by just being in the community is not easy as the language is totally different from Marathi.

The difficulty adds as there is no written content available in the market in Korku, which is a source of learning any language at least crudely. Hence we learnt that the teacher would need a training session for learning Korku. Hence, Unnati ISEC designed an online course “Lets Learn Korku” last April, when the lockdown started. In the beginning, the course was made available to the public. People of many fields like teachers, social workers, stage artists, researchers, and social workers in tribal areas did the course. As the course went ahead, the education department of Amravati district got interested in this one and they asked for it. So it was conducted for tribal residential schools as well as Z.P. school teachers of the district.

Course is being edited on the basis of feedback from the teachers who participated in this. There is also a reaction from teachers that they are getting a method of delivery through this course. The course is offered online, using Whatsapp and google meet.

In 2020-21, 5 batches of this free course called ‘Lets learn Korku’ were conducted online in two stages, which saw over 362 registrations and was successfully completed by 86 participants from government school teachers, education sector professionals and people interested in learning new languages and culture.